Mark Gerardot

Digital Marketing Expert
Mark Gerardot strives to bring value to every client project he is entrusted with.
Mark enjoys bringing levity to client interactions while remaining authentic and passionate about their collaboration.

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About Mark

Early in his career, Mark Gerardot realized that not every person he met was a prospective customer. This epiphany transformed not only his outlook but helped shape him into the inspirational and unstoppable marketing expert he is today. Mark Gerardot earned a degree from the University of Saint Francis in Graphic Design, and he quickly transformed his creative talents into a successful career in the marketing industry. He possesses over two decades of experience and specializes in marketing for the higher education and travel and tourism industries. Mr. Gerardot is one of the few professionals who can boast that they genuinely love the work they do. Mark Gerardot strives to give customers an entertaining experience while remaining authentic and passionate about his work.

mark gerardot headshotWhile Mark Gerardot has experience in other areas of marketing, such as corporate real estate and publishing, he found his niche in travel and higher education rather easily. Travel has always been Mark’s favorite hobby. He loves the exhilaration of exploring new places while allowing himself to grow and learn with these new experiences. In 2001, Mark Gerardot seized the opportunity to found a branding and design firm that helped a client launch one of the first 100% solar-powered eco-resorts in the world, which was globally recognized by organizations such as Time, National Geographic, and NBC to name a few. After ten years, the economy began to take a turn for the worse, so Mark switched career tracks to pursue his other passion in the marketing industry, higher education.

After moving to South Carolina to accept a position as Creative Director for Up&Up, Mark Gerardot revolutionized the company’s branding and marketing approach. By the time he moved on six years later, the company was recognized as one of the top higher education agencies in the United States. For about six months, Mark served as the Creative Branding Consultant for the University of Delaware, where he dispersed valuable information about the school’s wide variety of courses to prospective students. Shortly thereafter, Mark returned to his roots in destination travel and accepted the role of  Creative Director for AMResorts in Philadelphia, PA.

While travel and higher education are two very different fields, Mark Gerardot thrives on the opportunity to lend his expertise to both industries. Mark has the luxury of doing what he loves and never takes the opportunity for granted. He uses his vast creative talents to tell stories that will, he hopes, inspire others to do what they love as well. Each day at work is a chance to inspire his team and anyone who sees his work. Also, Mark loves helping brands which stand for admirable causes and exude values such as authenticity, value, and honesty, to succeed.

By creating marketing campaigns for higher education institutions, Mark helps prospective students expand their horizons and pursue a career that will challenge them and give them a meaningful career. Traveling, in his opinion, is a way to explore, learn, grow and recharge.

Through his storytelling, both visual and written, Mark hopes to inspire others to travel to somewhere new and experience all of the positive opportunities for growth and happiness that comes with it.

To learn more about Mark Gerardot’s experience and interests within the realm of marketing, be sure to read up on his latest blog posts!