Companies that built websites in the 90s and never changed them should seriously consider revamping their sites for the 21st century. In the beginning, websites were like online brochures that gave consumers snapshots of businesses. Now websites need to be modern, mobile-friendly, and take advantage of digital marketing.

Why Mobile-Friendly Design Matters

These days storefront sites need to be mobile-friendly now that a high percentage of consumers take their smartphones with them when they go shopping. Websites must be easy to read and use by mobile users, as sites need to avoid small text and small images. Google and other search engines don’t want to send users to websites that are not mobile-friendly. Responsive design that works for all modern browsers is now a standard for cross-platform web design.

The focus of Digital Marketing

Although it helps to add applications to a website, the key to attracting repeat traffic is to create a blog or article series that showcases expertise. Even though a blog can be basic with just text, it should also at least be interactive with a way for readers to respond. This interactivity helps search engines determine how useful the blog is.

Regardless of how much Google has changed its algorithms for determining search results, the company has consistently moved in the direction of quality content. The search giant continues to reward sites with in-depth content while punishing sites full of fluff or duplicated content. The main focus of every website trying to improve organic search results is to produce authoritative web pages that provide unique expertise. Venturing into multimedia, especially video promotion, is an effective strategy of websites striving to present and repurpose exclusive content.

Search results are relevant because the top three links account for 50 percent of traffic. Some of the keys to getting high rankings include using the keyword in the URL and making special offers in web page headlines.

AI and the Future of Digital Marketing

Machine learning tools have now infiltrated the digital marketing space, speeding up marketing campaigns. Automation is an effective marketing strategy for scheduling newsletters, emails, and social media posts, all with links that promote the website. Businesses can take advantage of setting up online ad campaigns in which discount coupons are available for limited periods or loyalty rewards programs.