Years ago, word-of-mouth advertising was the best way to bring in new business. Now, digital marketing has taken center stage. word-of-referrals are still useful, but digital marketing is the go-to choice for increasing engagement, building brand loyalty, and many times, saving a brand from going under.

Benefits of Going Digital

In addition to ranking highly on Google, there is a multitude of benefits to building a digital strategy. With over 1 billion people on Instagram and 1.9 billion people logged into Facebook every day, reaching your target audience has never been easier. Aside from being able to segment your audience, you’re also able to put yourself in front of your target audience at the right time, where they hang out the most.

Brands that are just starting out or not seeing a return on investment need to master digital marketing. That’s not to say they need a multi-million dollar budget. However, they do need to understand how to attract, entice, and delight their target audience, on their level. Consumers no longer want brands forcibly trying to sell their products. They want to call the shots, and that means purchasing only when they feel ready, not when they feel pressured.

Types of Digital Marketing

Knowing the benefits of digital marketing means nothing if a brand doesn’t know where to start. When it comes to digital marketing, brands first need to identify where their audience spends most of their time.

Facebook Marketing

Whether a brand is thriving or on its last leg, mastering Facebook marketing is the best way to go. Although most people using Facebook are over 35 these days, brands can still maximize exposure and boost engagement by merely showing up. Utilizing Facebook ads puts brands in front of their target audience at the right time.


Instagram has exploded in popularity. The one-time photo-sharing platform has transformed into a world of influencers who demand top dollar to promote a brand’s product or service. Instagram is the chosen platform for most digital advertising campaigns, only due to its power of reaching billions of people in one video snippet.

Content Marketing

Even though some marketers say content marketing has lost its allure, there’s still a place for the written word. People want to be educated, so knowing how to create content that converts can save a brand from going under.

Love it or hate it, digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. As a small business owner or significant brand who can’t increase their ROI, the best place to start is online.