Customer feedback can be a useful tool to create more value from your digital marketing. 

Many business owners understandably dread hearing the words “customer feedback.” They think of the one-star reviews they have to deal with on the internet or angry customers on social media and want to avoid hearing “feedback” at all costs. There is a difference though between unsolicited ranting from a customer having a bad day, and constructive people who would like to be a part of your business succeeding. Customers who enjoy your business and plan to be repeat customers may still have insights to offer you on areas for improvement. No one is perfect, and neither is any business. 

So what is the point of overcoming your fear of customer feedback and seeking it out? How can customer feedback help your digital marketing campaigns?

They give you insight on how to be more productive, ultimately saving you time, money, and earning you more significant results. 

Yes. That’s something to focus your attention on. 

How to Use Customer Feedback To Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Customer feedback best improves digital marketing when you combine it with analytics from your campaigns. When you can map the feedback you received with points in your customer experience, and then combine that information with your analytics, you can better understand why that one email in your mailing list drip campaign didn’t have as high of a click-through rate as you would have expected. 

For an example of how this connection is made, perhaps you can see in your analytics that you sent out an email with a high click-through rate, but there was a low conversion rate. Once you’ve collected customer feedback, you find a few responses that specifically mentioned they didn’t understand what this product was used designed to do. You can then go to that product page and better explain the uses for your product and send out another email campaign that includes a video showing the product in use. 

Through customer feedback matched with analytics, you were able to pinpoint the exact reason for your low conversion rate and plug a hole in your sales funnel. Without the customer feedback, you would have to make guesses about what was wrong. Could it have been the product itself? What was the problem with the sales page? You would need to make your best guesses and continue testing them until you found the answer. The feedback gave you somewhere to go.

You can gain this kind of valuable customer feedback from doing customer surveys, offering live chat support, directly contacting customers for a brief interview, or through utilizing website feedback forms. 

You put effort into building the marketing campaigns that created these data points. It’s time to grow your business by using them to greater success for the next time around.