Content marketing is the undoubted feature of business marketing. Owing to the benefits of content marketing, including boosting return on investment, more businesses are investing in the idea as a crucial lead and traffic generator. However, content marketing is a dynamic marketing approach that changes by the day. Here is an overview of key content trends for the end of 2019.

Proof of impact on business

Businesses investing in content can easily and directly proof that the strategy is paying off. The proof of the impacts of content marketing in businesses is particularly evidenced in terms of corporate metrics, such as financial performance, sales, brand awareness, and brand health across the market. 81% of businesses can directly associate their revenue growth to the content created.

Increased focus on content interaction

One of the biggest and most suitable ways of assessing the performance metrics of content is how much of interactions the content generates across the market. Depending on the content type, content interaction may range from the number of likes, comments, and shares on social media that content receives, the number of views that video-based content attracts as well as the subsequent follow-ups that content generates.

Product-focused content performed better

The focus of particular content created and channeled through the web determines how effective the content is in reaching its objective, and how much interest and interaction it creates in the market. It has been demonstrated that product-focused content outperforms other types of content, such as company-focused, brand-focused, and even leadership-focused content. Businesses which target exposing their products more are thus highly likely to benefit from content marketing.

Short video content is more engaging

Content engagement and interaction is a crucial parameter in determining the effectiveness of content marketing. Of all the content types, including video, text, and images, short video content has been found to be best performing in terms of generating more interesting interactions across the market. Videos of less than two minutes in length are the best preferred, followed by static-image content.

More focus on data and analytics

In the content marketing world, expertise in data analysis and technical knowledge is highly preferred and sought after when businesses are looking for content marketers. This is as compared to alternative skills, such as creativity, which are less preferred.