In the dawn of the Digital Marketing Era, volume was the name of the game. Marketers were told to publish as much content as possible, with as many keywords as possible, to get noticed in the search engine results. Since that time, however, things have changed dramatically. Consumers are no longer interested in useless content that is filled with keywords for the sake of rankings. They want quality content, first and foremost, along with a sense of authenticity and trust from any company they consider doing business with.

The average consumer sees as many as 5,000 ads a day on the internet and various social media apps. However, only about 12 of those that were noticed will even engage the consumer. This makes it pretty clear that quality, focused content matters. Creating personable, engaging content is a matter of knowing the audience and what they expect of their marketing material.

Know the Audience

In order to target content effectively, a business needs to know its audience. Who are the readers or consumers? What do they need or why are they interested in the brand? Answering these questions is a good start to figuring out what kind of content to provide. It will also behoove marketing efforts to connect with the audience personally and engage them in a one-on-one interaction whenever possible.

Reliability Matters

The internet is a sea of information filled with plenty of misinformation, anonymous content, and other material that brings the average user plenty of frustration. Creating quality content gives a brand the opportunity to show that they are a reliable, trustworthy source of information and not just another business trying to sell something.

Less is More

The only thing that annoys consumers more than not having enough information is being bombarded with information, ads, and content that they didn’t ask for. Successful content marketing is about creating a conversation, not just throwing tons of information at people. Websites that are oversaturated with ads and pop-up subscriptions turn users away in mere seconds. Content should get to the point and leave the audience with a valuable takeaway.

Focus on the Customer

Too often, companies get caught up in comparing their marketing efforts to the competition. While it is important to know what others in the industry are doing, it is far more valuable to know what the customer wants and expects. By spending more time on conversations with consumers, a brand can easily create quality content that exudes authenticity and transparency. These two elements are the key to success in today’s digital marketing environment.